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The combining of THE 4 major recruiting aspects of being a complete Student/Athlete!

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"Helping amateur athletes in all sports to secure FREE educational funding through athletic scholarships, academic scholarships, grant funding and personal strategies"

WELCOME to the world's first interactive/real time updated college recruiting eCourse that keeps you in the game from start to finish in the highly competitive college recruiting process.  In an effort to bridge the recruiting gap between parents and their student/athletes, we  have put together this highly engaging eCourse that keeps you updated with knowledge and strategies to not waste time and save you money.  

With the potential of $100,000’s of dollars of scholarship money on the line and hundred of thousands of athletes, if not millions, of high school athletes competing for these scholarships, there should be no question of how the recruiting process works.  It’s one thing to be  recruited, however its an entirely different thing in STAYING RECRUITED!

What a student/athlete goes through each year starting from the 8th grade until their Senior year is amazing in terms of educational requirements, social engagements and overall student citizenship participation.  This eCourse is designed to keep every parent and  every student athlete informed every step of the way.  This includes:

  • 5 year eCourse 8th grade - Senior year

  • Educational requirements as enforced by the NCAA

  • Additional funding sources for financial aid and grants

  • Additional athletic training to stay a step ahead

  • MultiMedia marketing strategies (Hudl, websites, business cards)

  • Social media strategies with college coaches (Twitter, Facebook, SnapChat and others…)

  • College camps/College showcases

  • Community outreach

  • Get a FREE Student/Athlete T-shirt with your order

Staying Recruited dedicated  in bridging  the gap between parents, student-athletes and coaches to simply the whole recruiting process.

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Course Curriculum

About the instructor

Senior Instructor

Reggie Rusk

My name is Reggie Rusk, owner of The Next Level! I have a passion to help other reach their fullest potential in sports or in life! My story is one of hard work and determination!   I had no division 1 college offers after my senior year in high school. Rusty Dowling, new head coach for Texas city high school saw potential in a kid he had just meet that year. Coach Dowling called me into his office and asked if I wanted to play college football because he believes that I could be something special if giving the chance. I told him I would love to play football on the Next level. He gave me the information to Coach George Rush.  I called Coach Rush in San Francisco so we could discuss me possibly playing for the Rams. Coach Rush told me to send a highlight tape because they didn't need a safety at that time. I sent a highlight tape and just waited to see what would happen. Coach Rush called me back within a few weeks and said that he would love to have me on his team. He told me that he saw one play which made him decide to take an additional safety that upcoming year.    Needless to say, I attended C.C.S.F in the fall! I eventually started my freshman year for the rams  at strong safety! I was honored to be awared with team M.V.P, All Conference and outstanding defensive back. To be honest I didn't know I had it in me but with Rush showing me my potential was endless, my confidence was at an all time high!   My next year was best college year ever! I lead team in tackles, 10 sacks, MVP, All Conference, Juco All America, Defensive back of the year! I had colleges from USC to Texas Tech recruiting me ! All my hard work and dedication paid off for me! My coaches saw potential in me as a person not only an athlete. In 2000 I was honored by being inducted in to CCSF hall of fame!   I transferred to the University of Kentucky in the fall of 1994. Things didn't start off to well for me after transferring to Uk. I didn't get a fare chance to make an impact my first season there. I could have quit like some of my friends did or prove once again that I belong! I choose to prove my worth! My senior year I started at free safety for the Wildcats! My senior season I was awared with MVP, All Conference awards!  (lead conference in solo tackles).    I played so well that I was invited to attend the NFL's combine. This is where the best college players in the country get to show their skills in front of NFL scouts. In April of 1996 I was choosing by the Tampa Bay Bucaneers. I played 5 nfl season for 3 teams before being injured in 2000.    My training style reflects those great coaches who changed my life! They believed in me when I didn't completely believe in myself. I try to encourage my guys ,not tear them down! I change their mindset before I ever change their bodies! Training is a passion for me so I work very hard at it. I teach kids to believe in themselves ! If you prepare, workout , and be dedicated to goals success is yours! I think this style works because my athletes love coming to work everyday! It feels good when kids I have trained go on to college and call me to say thanks coach for believing in me! 

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